Staples Going Green and Saving Big

Staples is a well known retailer that has drastically improved its performance by going green.  They have saved $4.2 million on its bottom line by switching from three-amp to two-amp light bulbs.  This is just one of the tasks that have been put at hand by the finance chiefs at Staples.  Along the lines of saving money, Staples has also saved 540,000 gallons of diesel fuel per year by modifying their trucks to not be able to go over 60 miles per hour.  This has saved them approximately $1.5 million in the recent year just because of the switch over from the old trucks.  Besides switching the old trucks over, Staples has also installed twenty four rooftop solar panels.  This new improvement for their stores was installed for virtually no capital, because of tax credits given to Staples.  Staples also has a couple recycling programs.  They most recently announced its recycling program for printers as part of its Earth Day celebrations and promotions.  They have also gone as far as to offer rewards for customers who recycle their ink and toner cartridges.  Staples also has recently began to sell recycled paper products and Staples brand coffee furniture which is made mostly from recycled steel. Their binders and organizers are all made of recycled plastic.

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