Mannatech Turns Green

Since November 2007, Mannatech has been using recycled corrugated boxes, which has led to saving an estimated 4,000 trees, 980,000 gallons of fresh water, 735,000 kilowatt hours of energy and 610 cubic yards of landfill space.  All of these resources would have been used to make non-recycled boxing.  Mannatech uses more than twenty tons of packaging monthly by sending products throughout North America.  In addition to its recycled corrugated boxes, Mannatech has also replaced its non-biodegradable plastic packaging cushions with paper packing materials made from post-consumer fiber.  In their distribution center, Mannatech has replaced the metal halide lighting with 110 lamp fixtures which burn with new florescent technology that uses half the wattage.  Also in the warehouses, Mannatech has installed new systems which regulate lighting, heating, and air conditioning in an effort to reduce waste.  All of these changes have decreased Mannatech’s energy costs by approximately nine percent.

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