JHG-Townsend Launches Virtual Fridays

JHG-Townsend has recently implemented a green program which helps employees save on gas and also many other environmental problems which seem to occur regularly.  Retail gas prices are up approximately 10 percent from a month ago, and up nearly 20 percent in the past year.  By introducing Virtual Friday’s JHG-Townsend the employees will be saving approximately 30 gallons of gas per week.  Also, 420 gallons of gas throughout the entire summer.  Along with that, 3.64 Metric tons of carbon dioxide will be saved by this new program of Virtual Fridays.  JHG-Townsend’s chief strategy officer Elizabeth Estes-Cooper stated, “We know this is the right thing to do and now is the time to incorporate the power of technology and create a virtual workforce for the greater cause.  If 10 San Diego companies of our size followed suit, we will save 4,200 gallons of gas this summer alone.”  Townsend is also utilizing new technologies which have recently come into play.  Townsend’s employees will now use tools such as WebEx, Skype, social networks to stay more connected.  She also added, “Given that demographics have now caught up with technologies, as a new media agency we can practice what we preach, while making sure we continue to focus on excellent client service.”

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