eBay opens Green Building

eBay announced its opening of a environmentally friendly building on its North Campus in San Jose.  The building is the first of its kind to be built to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold construction standards for new construction which is the second highest rating a building can receive.  eBay’s investment in its new green building is a reflection of its commitment to offer more ways for employees to incorporate green practices into their everyday lives.  Follow eBay, SolarCity which provides solar panels for many new age buildings, has offered employees a discount for installing solar panels in their homes.  Along with this eBay’s employees are also offered a carbon offsetting program which allows employees to measure their carbon footprint and purchase offsets to balance their impact.  Being green is part of eBay’s DNA, because their original concept was built with an engine to reuse goods that everyday consumers use to have an impact on the environment.  Since their company was launched, eBay has translated an estimated $100 billion in goods which were reused instead of being thrown in landfills.  eBay has also incorporated workstations and furniture throughout their buildings which are “Greenguard” certified which means they emit a low number of particles to keep air cleaner.

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